Giving Back

making a difference: giving back
Feeling inspired yet? There are many ways to get involved and think outside our little circles of life. One of the primary statements our director makes when people talk with him about how zao got started or where the vision came from is this, “One person can make a difference. One person can make an enormous impact on this earth, why not you?” So our question to you is, what is your zao? What is your passion, your vision? What is it about this world that you would like to change? If you feel inspired from what zao is doing in places like Africa then join us in our mission. If you have a heart for a different outreach, whether it’s providing food, shelter, help, care, medicine, schools, than we say go for it!

We appreciate your support. For some practical ways to help us grow, you can:

tell a friend about zao
You can share the vision of Zao water and clean safe water by telling your friends about this website.

send a trained professional
MorningStar Missions has more than 500 missionary leaders in many nations. Help us send trained water hygiene professionals to train our native missionaries in many nations, water borne illnesses are often transmitted by means we take for granted in the west. An example: in third world nations many have not been taught the importance of washing a knife after cutting raw chicken or pork.

Every 15 seconds a person dies from a water related disease.
1 in every 6 on the planet lives without regular access to safe drinking water.
Over 1/3 of the world’s population lacks access to proper sanitation.

join us on a trip
Contact MorningStar Missions, and find out current needs for hygiene training, wells and springs in many nations.

For more info on projects and giving contact us: or call us at 803-802-5544 ext 392